- Energy Transfer

Energy and Power corporations use extensive connections

of onshore terminals, blending facilities, storage tanks and pipelines.

- Functions

These combined logistical operations take crude oil from ships

storing and delivering it to the refinery at the right time

- Specifications

storage and mixture of refined product

to create the exact designation expected in certain markets before transporting it on to the end customer

HERE at Klimovskaya Tank Farm

Klimovskaya Tank Farm provides terminal and storage facilities on a large scale. With a summed total of 17.9 million cubic meters of storage capacity. Klimovskaya Tank Farm owns and operates terminals, storage tanks and pipelines in Russia and Amsterdam with a total capacity of 8.7 million cubic meters. Satifying the highest international benchmark, it has an superior health and environmental policies, in both locations of operation, In December 2013, the expansion of Klimovskaya Tank Farm began in Europe, with the addition of terminals and storage facilities in Rotterdam to the expanded refining capabilities. Klimovskaya Tank Farm now has 4.2 million cubic meters of storage capacity.

When it comes to gas, terminals are likely to receive deliveries from specialist tankers or pipelines of gas fields prior to the testing, treatment and distribution of the gas via pipelines. also, storage of liquefied petroleum gas, such as propane, bottled and used for cooking or residential central heating, where there is no gas coverage.

Begining with a many years’ experience in industrial techniques of tank terminals for liquid and gas storage, Klimovskaya Tank Farm has established ‘dedicated teams’ for this unique sector , With a developed technical know-how, in unison with the detailed requirements and demands of your industry, Klimovskaya Tank Farm offers total solutions, Our main projects are positioned both on the level of software and electrical engineering.

In unison with customers ,a more effecient process is created, thereby reforming the daily operation of the terminal. Our customer interaction is always based on mutual confidence, and projecting a long-term relationship

With the numerous rules and regulations for emission, safety and energy consumption, the importance for automation is also continuously increasing. Klimovskaya Tank Farm provides custom-made applications that satisfy your needs and all legal necessities and our collaborators are well versed in the specific regulations on ADNR, SIL, ATEX, etc.

Ship-To-Ship Transfers

Klimovskaya Tank Farm has the experience along with an outstanding technical know-how , and a fully equipped network to handle any Ship-to-Ship operations without flaws and safely in unison with international guidelines and regulations.

Marine Jetties

Klimovskaya Tank Farm consists of a marine terminal composed of offshore recovery, with 3 jetties providing 12 berths for import and export of petroleum products,The jetties are facilitated with pollution control vessels and equipment.

Offshore Loading

Implementing the use of floating, production, storage and offloading (FPSO) vessel/shuttle tankers. Oil will be transported to shore via shuttle tanker while gas will travel through pipelines.

What we offer

entire coverage of product transport

From the presence of the lorry-driver up to departure from the tank-farm with a loaded truck and all mandatory documents.

From the arrival of the rail wagons up to passage from the site.

From the sailing of the ship up to exit from the landing.

Direct delivery of products to the final customer, via pipelines including Lpg products.

custom-made solutions

mechanized transshipping with configurable routing.

Inline blending, mixing, engineering, procurement, fabrication and construction of major energy infrastructure facilities

Klimovskaya Tank Farm is an apex provider of piping solutions and a large supplier of storage tanks and vessels for the oil and gas, water and wastewater, mining and power generation industries, Vapour treatment.

Stock management, maintenance, environmental, infrastructure and program management services for government and private sector customers. Our Technology group offers licensed process technologies, catalysts and specialized equipment for use in petrochemical facilities, oil refineries and gas processing plants.